Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday afternoon we did the every few months throw away, put away or give away session in Nate's room. He has more stuff than a human being should be allowed to have! Anyway in that process he found his tent and decided to have a campout in the livingroom. He worked quite awhile on the campsite and I thought he did an excellent job. His creative juices were flowing and with the help of my scrapbook paper had a fire going in no time! He ate supper there on daddy's camping plates, ate with the plastic camping silverware and just about lost his dinner to a skunk (Zoe) when he left it on the fire to keep warm and answer the door. Last night he found a little flashlight and actually had the coals burning and had a few paper bag hotdogs cooking for a midnight snack. ;o) We are reading Harry Potter right now and after several chapters he was bedded down for the night. I love that little booger!
~Nate's Mom

Patiently waiting for dinner

Meatloaf, potatoes and veggies, what a camp cook! ;o)

Pardon the shirtlessness! Cooking Hotdogs before bed.

The glowing fire and Zoe wondering what in the world is going on in here!


Gayle said...

Nate you are a case! Great Job on the campsite . It made me want to come up and set up my tent:)

Betty said...

you look like my kind of camper with soft carpet to sleep on and a very good camp dinner. You are too cool!! And you have the bestest mom!!

love ya
Grammy & Papaw

Fun - Fun - Fun said...

WOW! what a campsite... that looks awesome and i do believe i could go on a camp-out like THAT! a real bath within a few feet, air, etc. - my kind of camping out, that's for sure! LOL ;-)

Rob and Deanna said...

You are a LOT braver than I would be, to allow a campfire in the middle of your living room!!