Monday, July 14, 2008

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

One of our favorite shows is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Even though we don't have television we are able to watch some of the episodes online. Ty, Paige, Michael, Ed and Paul are all spending this week in West Chester building a house for the Akers family. Nate and I met Katie in the spectator parking, got on the school buses and were whisked away to all the excitement. Closed roads, lots of security, loads of blue shirted volunteers and hot sunshine were what awaited us at the build site! It was very exciting to see the house being finished in person and after an hour or so of waiting and shouts of, "WE WANT TY, WE WANT TY",and even one silly volunteer who said, "Ty is coming! Just kidding!" we got to meet Michael, one of the designers. He was very friendly and patient with everyone's picture taking and autographs! I don't think we will brave the crowds for the famous reveal day where everyone shouts, "MOVE THAT BUS!" But we were thrilled to get to be a little part of all the excitement. After a quick stop at Chik- Fil- A we headed to The Cone, thanks Tim for the tip and the directions! The best twist cone I've ever had!

~Nate's Mom

EMHE July 2008


Gayle said...

That is amazing how they can do all that in a week. Thats neat you got to see it.

Katie and the boys said...

Thanks for letting us tag along!!! Too bad it wasn't Ty!!!

Tamra said...

Very cool! Glad you got to experience all the excitement!

Penn Pal with Us... said...

WOW! that is an incredible show and must have been so exciting to be 'in' on some of it!!! they can be such tear-jerker's but, it's just wonderful what they do and the outcome is always fantastic! thanks for the pix and thrilled you and nate were able to be there to enjoy it!!!
it was so fun chatting with you tonight... let's do it again, often!?!?!


Erika said...

Sounds like you had a fun time. I have never been to the cone but I have heard it is really uncle owns the Marathon station right next to the Cone.