Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thinking Outside the Box

I honestly try to understand the Huckabee supporters but it just gets harder for me every day! I want to think outside the box and try to see where they are coming from. They say they are voting for a man that stands for conservative values. Then please tell me why Mike Huckabee does not blast John McCain, the front runner, unless he wants to be Vice President! Here is a man, John McCain, that says he will not vote on a constitutional amendment to ban abortion or same sex marriage. He voted for embryonic stem cell research. John McCain opposed tax cuts that ended the marriage penalty. McCain/Kennedy, McCain/Feingold, McCain/Leiberman! Not one word of condemnation from Mike Huckabee. I sure haven't found one and if you have I'd be glad to have you pass it along. If conservative values are so critical to Mike Huckabee then why in the world is he not standing firm against John McCain but continues to bash Mitt Romney. I am not interested in reaching across the aisle to get Democrats and Liberals on my side unless they are willing to make a 180 and stand for my beliefs and values. And this class warfare thing. "I'm for the Walmart crowd, not the Wall Street crowd!" Unbelieveable! If it wasn't for the people on Wall street, business owners and millionaires there would not be a WalMart! Mitt Romney is a very successful businessman who worked hard for where he is today. Since when do we as conservatives look down on someone who is living the American Dream! His company helped struggling companies make it through. My mother works for a business owner whose company was on the verge of bankruptcy and if it wasn't for Bain Capital it would have gone under, thus my mom would not have a job. I for one am thankful for intelligent, millionaire business owners like this. I have no confidence in someone who would compromise their conservative values to run with a man who, quite frankly, doesn't have any conservative values.

~Nate's Mom


The Tin Man said...

Thank you for your surgical summary. You have put into words the exercise in frustration that is the Mike Huckabee campaign. I feel better just knowing someone else is dumbfounded by the man and his supporters. It is so sad to think about how proud we would have been to have Mitt Romney as our president. But apparently, it is not to be.

Michele said...

I'm not giving up hope! I know it's a long shot, but miracles do happen! We can always write his name in when it's our turn to vote! I often wonder if Mitt wasn't a Mormon if we would be having this discussion?

The Tin Man said...

Me too. But the unfortunate thing about that thought is that Mitt will still be a Mormon four years from now. It has been so long since I have been that inspired by a politician. I wonder how many Christians would not vote for him if he was running in the general election against Hillary or Obama? Probably no way we can know.