Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today was my Superbowl, my Daytona 500, my trip to the mall for that perfect pair of shoes. I don't spend my Christmas money on new clothes or matching purses, but on subscriptions to Rush 24/7 and the Glenn Beck Insider. I love politics, talk radio and current events. I've been glued to the radio and computer all day. I stayed up until California was declared for McCain. I was on and off the phone to my mom all day saying things like, "Did you hear what Laura just said about Dr. Dobson, Rush is cracking me up, Sean is having Mitt Romney's son as a guest!" I know you must be shaking your head in disbelief. If washing my shower with Original Blue Dawn didn't make you lose all confidence in me, these startling revelations will surely leave no doubt in your mind.

I was hoping for a NY Giants come from behind win for Mitt, but it just wasn't meant to be. I could say the whole West Virginia vote was weird, but I won't. I could say Huckabee is stealing the election away from Romney and his votes are ultimately for McCain, but I won't. I could go on and on about how frustrating the whole process is and how I think the Main Stream Media is a farce, but I'm not going to do it. I could jump up and down and shout, "Oh the inhumanity! Oh the injustice of it all!" Well, that is tempting, but nope, not going to do it. It's all been said and will continue to be said by all the talk radio hosts, pundits, bloggers and news anchors. I'll let them hash it all out, my brain is tired. I'm going on with my life. No pity parties here! Tomorrow, I'll listen to Laura, Rush and Sean and shout at the radio when a caller makes a bizarre statement. Tomorrow I'll do the laundry, clean the house and help Nate with his math. Tomorrow, I'll still be a mom and wife. Tomorrow, God will still be God whether or not Mitt Romney is president and that won't ever change! I'll continue to support Gov. Romney because I believe he is the man for the job. If he is still on the ballot when my state votes, I will make calls, attend rallies and vote for him. Go Mitt!

Congratulations to my friends that are Huckabee fans and McCain Supporters. It was a good day for you. When taxes are raised, Guantanamo is shut down and illegal immigrants are overtaking our country I promise I won't say, "See, I told you so!" Well, maybe just once, but I promise that will be the end of it. :o)

~Nate's Mom


Ronda said...

I think that alot of conservative people are voting for Huckabee just because he says that he is a Christian.(so did Pres. Carter!) I truly believe that if they listened to the conservative talk shows like you have mentioned...they would be more informed. I don't understand how people can't get the idea that "not voting" or "splitting the vote" is another vote for the other side!? I hope everyone will continue to be prayerful AND more informed in the future!

Gayle said...

AMEN! Can't people see that the Media hates Mitt. Democrat's hate him Gay's, etc,etc,etc, DOESN'T THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING! WAKE UP AMERICA! Think about this!
Bill Clinton: Southern Baptist
Hillary Clinton: Southern Baptist
Jimmy Carter: Southern Baptist
Mike Huckabee: Southern Baptist
They all say they are Christians!
I can't wait to see when the Media turns on Mcain and Huckabee.

Rob and Deanna said...

Amen 2nded! The conservative movements blindness to what is really happening here is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Why do they think the media is supporting McCain? The media has always been strongly liberal, they know that if McCain wins it is the SAME as getting a Democrat! I wouldn't be surprised that when McCain decided Not to go Democrat in 2000 it was because they (the Dumbocrats) wanted him to be a "liberal" running as a Republican. Why are "we" conservatives choosing someone that is definitely NOT moral, who has a VILE Temper & Mouth who is guided by Satan? Romney has only had ONE wife by the way, he didn't commit adultery & then marry his millionaire mistress.

Rob and Deanna said...

Check out the article I found, it is posted on my blog.