Monday, December 3, 2007

Mondays With Mom - Making Your Home a Haven

I am joining Crystal at Biblical Womanhood in her 2 week challenge "Making Your Home a Haven". This world we live in is constantly bombarding woman with their feminist mindset. Things like, in order for me to be happy, I have to put my needs ahead of everyone and everything else. Well ladies and gentleman, it just ain't so! Our pastor reminded me of this last night. He preached a message from the heart about being Holy. Here are some of the thoughts that stuck out to me:
- Making a decision to be holy will cost me something.
- Anything of great value will cost me something!
- Jesus' love for me cost Him his life. Am I willing to deny myself in that way?
- God knows what is best for me.
- I can't be what I think I need to be and still do what I've always done!
- I need to make a decision to be holy, a disciple of Christ, His and His alone!
- Being holy means a denial of self, completely opposite of what the world tells me! Rom. 8:13

So today in order to be what I need to be and not doing what I've always done, I'm doing something different in order to make this house I live in a blessing to my family and those that come in our front door. Am I going to be perfect the first time or anytime, NO! Is it going to be easy to get out of that warm bed earlier in order to get done what I need to have done? NO! Is anything of great value easy! NO NO NO! Was it easy for Jesus to leave the comforts of His heavenly home and come to this sin cursed world? Was it easy for him to be betrayed by His family? Was it easy to have his own disciples turn their back on Him? Did He give up and have the angels come down and take Him off that cross because it just hurt too much! NO NO NO! He stayed there, he hurt for me, he was bruised for me he DIED for me! Lord, help me be willing to be Holy for you!

Thank you for reading my ramblings today. Check out Crystal's blog and if you are so inclined, join the challenge!
~Nate's Mom


Gayle said...

Wow! What an excellent post! I am joining you Michele. What can I do to make my home a place where my husband wants to come home too and my family. I want my family to make it to Heaven at any cost! Excellent points from Pastor Phillips!

Lavy Country said...

I was challenged by Pastor Phillips as well. It is so easy to think we deserve happiness and ease. Your home was a haven for four weary, hungery people yesterday - thank you for such a friendship! You're a blessing to me.
Great post.
Love ya, wl

Heather said...

Your posts always bless me. I cant wait to read them on Monday mornings. I will agree with you and Wilma, The sermon last night was a good one.