Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Days One and Two of the Challenge

Well Day 1 of Crystal's "Making Your Home a Haven" challenge is over and Day 2 is for all intents and purposes over for me! Dave Ramsey alway says Murphy will come and he has today. Just when you think, "Wow, this is really going to work! That wasn't so bad, I can do this! WHAM! The flu hits. Yes the flu. Not the gross stomach flu but the 100 degree fever, coughing your head off, my whole body aches like there's no tomorrow flu! I've taken my Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar tonic. Yes, I know you all think I'm crazy but it works! It cures what ails ya and I would much rather gulp down a disgusting glass of ACV and water than take some kind of medicine with a side effect list as long as my arm! Wow! I'm kind of grouchy when I'm sick. Just bein' real wit' ya! Nate says it's time to get my own blog. Maybe that can be a New Year's resolution. Who knows! That's all for now. I'm off to turn on my electric blanket, put on the warmest, most comfy jammies I have a stick my head under the covers until it all goes away!

This too shall pass,
~Nate's Mom


~Heather~ said...

Michelle, I came here from your Mom's blog. Sorry you are sick, hope you get better soon.

Thanks for posting this about Crystal's challange. Don't know her, but she and her "plan" sound like my kind of plan. I LOVE serving my family, and making my home better.

Have a wonderful night, and I'll say a prayer that you are feeling better soon.

Love, Heather and baby! =)

Ronda said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog...I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. Hope that you are better by the time you read this! I enjoyed seeing your pretty Thanksgiving table...I also enjoyed your post about the challenge...I am going to try to check out her blog! Tell your family that I said "Hello"!

Tamra said...

Feel better soon!

Gayle said...

Hope your feeling better! We haven't gotten any text messages from Nate this time to rescue him from the sick:) He said he was headed down to Grammy Jewetts for breakfast when I talk to him last.
Love ya,

Phillip D said...

Great posts!

Sorry you're sick. But Bragg's is good stuff. We must be crazies too since we agree with you.