Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mondays With Mom

I know it's not Monday but I wanted to tell you about our wonderful Thanksgiving and share an amazing article with you.

Thanksgiving was great! My parents came Wednesday and spent the night and all of Thanksgiving day with us. We had a blast. My mom is an amazing cook and did all the hard Thanksgiving stuff like fix the turkey, dressing, gravy and pumpkin pie. Now you might say, pumpkin pie is not hard, but to fix it like Mom does is very difficult for this pie making challenged person! We laughed and cried from laughing so hard and ate until we needed to bring out the Mylanta from eating so much! Nate went home with Mom and Dad so Randy and I could do some Black Friday shopping. We didn't get up at any ungodly hours but we did get a few good deals. Friday evening Randy went to a football game with friends and I got to spend a girls' night out with Heather and Sarah, Konnor and Kade were honorary girls and had to put up with our CVS obsession. I spent $14 (was out of extra bucks) but I got $30 in bucks back! Went back on Sat. and spent $.72 and received $10 more and still have $18 to spend. WOO HOO! Thanks Heather for sharing your deals with me! :o) Thank you Mom and Dad for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

I read this at Biblical Womanhood today. It's not always easy being a mom and I fall so short most of the time, but I need to remember that I'm molding a soul for eternity and that is more important than anything else I could ever do! So if you're a mom read this and be encouraged today!

~Nate's Mom

Thanksgiving 2007


Gayle said...

Wow! You are going to have to teach me this CVS thing:)
Thanks for having us over for Thanksgiving we really had a great time! Even if dad did complain about the bed:)
Love ya!