Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day Three

The Apple Cider Vinegar is doing the trick. My fever is gone and the achiness has left the building! The only thing left to conquer is this annoying cough that seems to overtake me and makes me feel like I've worked hard all day. Randy slept in his chair last night and it appears that he will be there all night tonight! I told him I would sleep on the couch so my never ending cough would not wake him, but he insisted on sleeping in the chair. What a great man I have!

Back to the challenge. Day 3 has not gone so well. My list of five things that I want to accomplish every morning did not get done. When my mom called at 9:00am I realized that I did not get out of bed by 7:30am, I did not make my bed, I did not get dressed and I have not read my Bible or prayed yet today. The last one will be accomplished when I'm done here. Both my guys are sleeping and I will have my quiet time. As far as the laundry goes, well, let's just say it's not done either. Hoping for better things tomorrow. If you haven't checked out Crystal's challenge don't worry you can jump in anytime! Any little thing we can do to make our homes better is worth the effort.

Today I've had a lot of time on my hands and I discovered this quote from Ruth Bell Graham.

Dear Lord,Thou knowest better than myself that I am growing older and will someday be old. Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion. Release me from craving to straighten out everybody's affairs. Make me thoughtful but not moody, helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom it seems a pity not to use it all, but Thou knowest, Lord, that I must have a few friends at the end.
Ruth Bell Graham

What a woman she must have been. Loved by her family, cherished by her husband and best known for her love for Jesus Christ. Her children said He was her best friend! I'll be checking out a book by her from the library soon.

God, Help me to be a Christian at all cost. When people see me, I want them to see you!
~Nate's Mom