Monday, August 13, 2007

School Days

The hazy, hot and humid days of summer have arrived! What better way to celebrate than with the starting of school! I can hear Nate cheering in the background (NOT!). No, really, it was a good day and he enjoyed his classes and didn't seem to mind the work. I know it's just the first day and the, "Mom, do we have to have school today?" questions are looming ever before me but I won't falter, I won't buckle under the pressure, I will prevail! :o) We have decided to use Bob Jones University Press DVD curriculum this year. It is a huge change for us but one that I think will be beneficial. I can hardly believe Nate is in 5Th grade and that we have been on this homeschool journey for six years! God led us down this path and has been faithful to help us each step of the way. Has it always been easy? NO! There have been tears and cries of frustration but the rewards have far outweighed the tears and frustration. I have decided to post some of my favorite homeschool websites today. Maybe you already homeschool, are thinking of homeschooling or have no idea what I'm talking about, these links are for you. Enjoy!
~Nate's Mom Home School Legal Defense Assoc. Bob Jones University Press Some of the funniest Homeschool Cartoons ever! All things Homeschool Great "How To" and informational articles


Grammy said...

Hey there,

So proud of the first day of school. Hang in there and you wil be graduating before you know it!!

I love the blogs when this sloooooooow computer can get me on them. Keep up the blogging

love ya

Gayle said...

You are doing a great job!
We are so proud of you! We know it is a lot of work,discipline and sacrifice to do what you are doing.
Grammy E

Ronda said...

Michelle...I was so happy to hear from you! Nate's blog is adorable! It is fun to hear from a fellow-homeschooling Mom. I am really excited!(Kim was very informative and encouraging at camp)I am very new to blogging ...I think it could be quite addictive!(smile!) Keep in touch!