Monday, August 6, 2007

Mondays With Mom

Since I am too lazy to start a new blog, my life isn't that interesting anyway, Nate has graciously allowed me to take over Mondays on his site. We will call these little glimpses into my life - Mondays With Mom. Enjoy!

You take them in, feed them and then let them go! Kids? No, Painted Lady caterpillars. Two weeks ago, I discovered them feasting on the licorice vines in containers I had planted on the front and back porch. The homeschooler in me decided to grasp this opportunity for learning. We saved three of them, I will spare you the gruesome details of what happened to the other 25 or so that were turning my beautiful containers into a mass of brown deadness. I am not bitter, really, I'm not! Anyway, with Nate and Jacob's help we built them a home and for a week fed them more of my precious licorice vines. They attached themselves to the netting of their new home and the Chrysalis was formed. A week later we found that one of the little buggers got away without even saying goodbye! But yesterday all of our nurturing and caring paid off when Nate noticed that the other two had emerged and were waiting to say "Thank You" before they left us. It was so neat to see God's creation at work! Make sure you click on the picture of the butterfly and see the beautiful detail on his wings. Also notice the drop of blood on the vine at the bottom right side of his wing, this was just one drop of a puddle that was left at the bottom of each little Chrysalis. What these little guys must go through in order to start a new life. Reminds me of what Christ went through on the cross to bring us new life! May I never forget what He did for me!
~Nate's Mom


Gayle said...

Wow! That is really neat. I am glad Nate is letting you have Mondays. I will look forward to reading "Mondays with Mom"

Tamra said...

Very cool! So glad you are going to be posting.