Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flowers and a Truck

Randy's "new" toy

My garden hasn't done as well as I expected it to this year, but I was tickled pink when this beauty raised her head!

~Nate's Mom


Gayle said...

Love the Truck! Your sunflower is beautiful! I have notice a lot of them this year.

The Going Blog said...

That is a beautiful flower. Is this the first year for your new garden? I wonder why it hasn't done well. Randy sure knows how to pick a nice looking toy :-)

Your Penn Palz : said...

love flowers to pieces... thanks for sharing!!! just wished i had a 'green thumb', instead of a 'black' one! LOL
tell randy we both love his toy! (AKA: truck) VERY nice!!! greg may be a bit jealous, though! ;-)

Ronda said...

Now THAT is an awesome truck..Happy for Randy! :)
The flower is lovely, too! Hope that you all are doing well...

Ronda said...

Hi, Michelle...Thought that I had commented on this post. If not~~~I love your new happy for you both! That is one awesome toy! :)
The flower is amazing, too.
It was so nice to hear from you...I hope that you guys will have a great school year, too! :)