Monday, May 4, 2009

Homeschool Convention

View of the Duke Energy Center from our room

Our Room at the Hyatt Regency

Several people have asked if I enjoyed the Midwest Homeschool Convention and I would like to tell you, YES!!! It was like revival or IHC for homeschoolers. The Duke Energy Center is huge and it was filled with thousands of people from all over the country and the world doing what we do! I wish I had felt better, I'm sure those in the sessions with me wish I felt better as well. The constant nose blowing and coughing had to be a distraction. I also wish I felt better because I think the constant nose blowing was affecting my brain. I saw so many people from the homeschool group we used to attend and I couldn't for the life of me remember their names!

My favorite sessions were those with Mary Hood aka "The Relaxed Homeschooler" and Susan Wise Bauer, author of The Well-Trained Mind.

Things I will do differently next year:
- Don't get sick
- Buy one of those crate on wheels thingys to haul all my stuff around
- Take snacks & water because the food is a little expensive
- Be more observant of which parking garage you parked the car, you'll save time this way! ;o)
- Attend all 3 days, I missed Thursday evening this year

My suggestions for you if you plan on attending next year:
- Check the Midwest Homeschool Convention website and pick your sessions before you go - there are many and this saves time
- Have a plan before you walk into the vendor hall. It is HUGE and if you go in there with a credit card and no plan, your husband may not let you go back the next year.
- Allow yourself a splurge purchase. I bought Susan Wise Bauer's "The Well-Trained Mind" third edition and am really enjoying it!

I only took a few pictures, once again, I was sick and my brain wasn't functioning! I also want to say a great big THANKS to my mom for attending the convention with me. She was a real trooper attending most of the session with me and a few on her own. I think she may start homeschooling my dad!

For a picture of the huge vendor hall visit Susan Wise Bauer's Blog

I said all that to say this, the Midwest Homeschool Convention was great and I can't wait to attend next year!

~Nate's Mom


Dixie said...

I enjoyed your post! I totally forgot to take my camera, but did go with a list. Jeff purchased the WTM (3rd edition) for me. I, too, am enjoying reading it. I am in the process of getting curriculum decisions made and items purchased for this coming fall. I will have 6th, 5th, 3rd, and 1st graders, as well, as one in K4. Hope to see you next year!

Gayle said...

Thanks for inviting me along! I can't wait till next year . I't was fun and informative. I could not believe all the people that Homeschool.
Love Ya!

Ronda said...

Thanks, Michelle...Sounds great! Thanks for the info...I will try to go next year. :)