Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls

The preparation begins


Nate making the frosting

Yes there's one missing in that pan, you gotta taste 'em before you give them to friends and neighbors!


I think we've started a new Christmas tradition around here today! The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon rolls are easy and delicious! I'm anxious to give them to friends and neighbors and see what they think. The recipe can be found here. The only change I made was the frosting calls for maple flavoring and our little grocery store didn't have any so I used vanilla extract. Still yummy!

~Nate's Mom


Katie and the boys said...

Good idea with the vanilla; I think I would like it better that way! They look yummy to my tummy!!

Gayle said...

Yummy! How do I miss all these goodies?

Tamra said...

Remember me if you find one of your neighbors not at home.:) They look so yummy. I printed the recipe, so I'll have to try my hand at these.
Missed you tonight! We had a good time.

Becky said...

These look very yummy! I love cinnamon rolls. Will have to try them.

Your Penn Palz : said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!! words can't describe how yuuuuummmmmmmmyyyy
(wonder if there'll be anything like these on the Christmas buffet at mamaw and papaw's this year?!?!?!?) ;-)
CYA soon! XO