Thursday, October 9, 2008


My pastor's wife, Sis. Hooker and I had the privilege of seeing Sarah Palin in Wilmington, OH this evening. We arrived at the Robert's Center at 1:50pm to find that there were probably over 100 people in line already, the doors did not open until 4 and the program started at 6pm, Sarah did not arrive until 7 and spoke for about 30 - 40 mins. It was extremely hot in the building and we were standing shoulder to shoulder with some 10,000 other excited supporters. After a lady passed out and 3 or 4 others left because of the heat we were able to inch close enough for Sis. Hooker to get Sarah's autograph for her and Willow's autograph for me. Here are the pictures from another amazing day supporting McCain/Palin for President and Vice President! GO SARAH!
~Nate's Mom

The line when we arrived

Sis. Hooker and Me, we were both surprised that we matched!

The Media

The Vendors

The line was so long by the time the doors opened, it snaked in and out of the parking lot aisles as far as I could see!

My Congressman, Mike Turner

The Pledge of Allegiance with the Boy Scouts

Sarah's Secret Service arrives

They had a big screen showing the bus coming down the road and into the parking lot, I was so surprised when it came right in the side of the building!

They drove the bus right in the buidling!

Happy to be in Wilmington, OH

Gov. Palin

Sarah, Piper, Willow and Trig

Chewing the Bengals Pom Pom

Baby Trig!

Piper entertaining her baby bro

Piper with glasses just like her mom's

The Press Corps getting their shots

I put my camera over my head and took a picture of the crowd behind us, the paper reported there were between 10 and 11,000 people there!

Signing Autographs - I have never been pushed and shoved so much in my life! Everyone was anxious to have the Gov. sign their items. At one point a very stern looking Secret Service Agent shouted, "STOP SHOVING!"

A view from the back as we left


Rob and Deanna said...

Looks neat! I was supposed to go, but wasn't interested in trying to do it with 3 kids. :-/ Did you know that your snapshot of the crowd behind you is of James Kennedy, Debbie Daniels beside him and 1/2 of Cynthia's head in front of him. :-)

Michele said...

Nate saw that picture and said, "Mom, that's James Kennedy!" I had no idea they were behind me! I would have said hello if I knew they were there!

Gayle said...

That is Awesome! Your pictures are great! I am so glad Sis Hooker got to go with you I love your matching outfits. That is amazing that you got James picture . When you get a chance check out my Blog I am posting a picture of my sign on the back of my car that Derrick Jowers made for me.
Love Ya!

Tamra said...

So cool the bus came right into the auditorium! I bet you are glad you got to go now, huh? I also imagine Sis. Hooker is on cloud 9!

Ronda said...

AWESOME! I am SO very envious! Go Sarah!

Your Penn Palz: said...

WOW!!! once again, i say "not fair" but, am so very happy for you... GO MCCAIN/PALIN (what a gal)!!!
xoxo to all!