Friday, October 10, 2008


This campaign gets loonier (is that a word?) by the day! You have probably seen the headlines by now that the Kangaroo Court in Alaska found that Sarah Palin abused her power but you probably won't hear that they also said she had the right to fire Monegan! I found this ad by the McCain campaign and gives this news a fresh perspective. It seems like we are living in the midst of a circus these days. I'm ready for it to end, but like I told someone today, I'm almost afraid what will happen in the end! We've got to pray people! Do not take the main stream media's word on this or any other issue regarding Gov. Palin, do your own research, get the facts, Google these names, Sen. Hollis French (Democrat), Sen. Kim Elton (Democrat), Steve Branchflower (colleague of both of these men and of Walt Monegan!) What a surprise that they scheduled this in the middle of October, can you say "October Surprise!"?
~Nate's Mom


emily said...

I just read that in the news too and it made me sick!!!! I guess it is ok to be friends with a terroist but you better not fire anyone when you have the authority and a good reason to! We really do need to pray! Susanna Pilmore

Tamra said...

I hadn't seen that ad yet. It is absolutely crazy. All you see and hear in/from the media is "abuse of power". And the left doesn't care at all to get labeled biased. It stinks!

Gayle said...

Obama is so desperate that he will do anything to win this election. I would rather have someone in the Whitehouse that fired a state patrol officer who abused his powers and threaten the Govenors family then a Guy who is friends and taking money from terroists. Can you imagine him in office and giving all our secrets to the terroists and our money. This is one wicked man and people better wake up!