Monday, September 1, 2008


Our Sunday started with Cinnamon Rolls and ended with pancakes! For the first time in a long time I made the guys their Clone of a Cinabon Cinnamon Rolls for Sunday morning. Randy drove the church van to pick up kids for church and Sarah and I rode along. A beautiful song about God's grace by Amy Loper and a wonderful message from Bro. Hooker about being Christ Like made for a great Sunday morning. A delicious Sunday dinner by the best Mother-in-law in the world and a very long much needed Sunday afternoon nap refreshed us for the evening service. Jason and Joanna Sturtevant shared their mission outreach to the Ukraine and did an amazing job! I was touched by their true passion for the people and their desire to do God's will! Then the long awaited Pancake supper, thank you men for the yummy pancakes, you did a fine job and I'm looking forward to your great cooking next year! ;o) I took my new camera with me and took a few shots of the evening. Happy Labor Day!

~Nate's Mom

Clone of a Cinabon Cinnamon Rolls

Connie, Crystal, Sue and Rebecca taking it easy while the men cooked!

The Guys getting it together

Brian and Mike mix up the batter

Pastor Hooker calling everyone to order

Trying out my zoom I found Brooklyn,

and Jackson,

and Chloe!

This is what happens when you let Paul Holden look at your camera! Thanks Paul!


Ronda said...

Looks like ya'll had fun and the cinnamon rolls look yummy! Also...We love Palin for VP! Neat that you could go to that rally!

Penn Pal with Us... said...

i'll take a couple of those rolls... LOL they look wonderful right now! (it's only about 4:45 AM now and i guess because of the wild and wooly weekend we had, aly woke up this early for a bottle! she 'crashed' as soon as the last swallow went down, but ME? i'm awake for the moment and online! LOL)
that pancake supper is such a neat alternative to a BBQ or pitch-in!i'll have to share that idea at our church.
love to all!!!
GO McCain & Palin in 2008...