Friday, July 25, 2008



Searching for treasures

Jillian joined in all the fun!

Cameron came to stay with us this week. It was a fun time of swimming, Wii bowling and tennis, more swimming and more bowling. Sorry you didn't make Pro status Cameron. You'll just have to come back and try again. Marc and Melodie, you have a very polite, well behaved son on your hands - please, thank you, Mrs., carrying his plate to the sink - I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing your little man with us. Nate loved having him here and we did too!

~Nate's Mom


sankey family said...

That is very sweet, Michele and I'm glad to hear that he behaved and that he had a wonderful time. He's been raving about it ever since he arrived!
Thank you so very much for having Cameron come to your house - you're right, he and Nate are great friends! Thanks again....Melodie

Cameron said...

thanks for letting me come!
hope we can do it again some time...

Ronda said...

Sounds like Cameron and Nate had a memories for them!