Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

The weekly menus are working! They have to be tweaked here and there but it is so nice having some sort of plan in place! We did have Bacon and Egg Biscuits on Valentine's Day! We used heart shaped cutters for the biscuits to add a little spice to our lives! Didn't get to make the White Chili on Friday because we had dinner with friends. I'm going to take a risk and try it tomorrow. I'm guessing the men in this house won't enjoy it too much, but I'm sure they will be gracious and eat it anyway. Well, one of them will be gracious the other....I'm not so sure! Here you go:

Tuesday - White Chili - Recent Paula Dean Magazine

Wednesday - Oven Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes

Thursday - Waffles

Friday - Vegetable Soup

Saturday - FFY - Fend for Yourself - we are typically going in 50 different directions on Saturdays and a lot of times this is our day to eat out! YEAH for me!

Sunday - Dinner with the inlaws ;o)

~Nate's Mom