Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Frugal Friday

Every Friday Crystal at Biblical Womanhood hosts Frugal Friday and I decided to join in today. The topic - Five Painless Ways We Saved $100 this year. My list -

1. Discovered the joy of shopping at CVS! I think I saved well over $100 just doing this.

2. Started shopping at Aldi - I love this place!

3. Spending Friday and Sat. nights at home eliminated a lot of eating out money spent.

4. Took a job with our local homeschool co-op in exchange for tuition.

5. My guys need their Grands Cinnamon Rolls every Sunday. I have found a recipe on All for Clone of a Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. They are wonderful and the batch make enough for 2 Sundays! At $4 a can for the Grands, I've saved over $100 doing this.

Well there it is. Have fun trying to save $100 this year.

~Nate's Mom


The Holdens said...

way to go Michele...

Heather said...

I need that recipe.Can you send it to me?