Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mondays With Mom (The Wednesday Edition)

Man's Best Friend

Say what you will but we love our dog and she loves us! My mom bought Zoe for Nate on his 7th birthday. She is a Bichon-Poodle Mix. Nate's dad said he never wanted a dog but since Nate is an only child and Zoe doesn't shed he changed his mind. He would never admit it but he loves Zoe too. I had to share this picture. Randy came home from work today with the flu and went straight to bed. I found Zoe taking care of him. The big lump on the bed is Randy and you can see Zoe "comforting" him. On a side note, I know the big purple blanket does not match anything but my grandma made it for me in 1977 and I've had it on my bed every night since. It's my security blanket!

~Nate's Mom


Rob and Deanna said...

AWWww! this Is So cute! ;-)

Gayle said...

That is hillarious! She is such a neat dog ! Even Pappy loves her!

The Holdens said...

That is too funny...I hope you guys are feeling better. We missed you Sunday!

Ronda said...

Adorable picture....How could you not fall in love with that precious little dog? Heard that you all got to meet "Aly"...She is such a little doll! We are really enjoying having a baby in the family again! Trust that you all will have a blessed "2008"!