Monday, October 29, 2007

Mondays With Mom - Prov. 17:22

We were invited to a fall dress-up party at Brian and Janella's house. Randy and I decided (well, I decided and Randy was a good sport about it) that we wanted to take part in the festivities. It was great fun! It's hard to have a bad attitude or be down in the dumps when you look like a clown. So, if you are ever blue and don't know what to do (Madame Blueberry) try dressing like a clown. A merry heart really does doeth good like a medicine!
~Just clowning around,
Nate's Mom


Gayle said...

CUTE! You look like the perfect couple:) Love the colored hair!
Love Ya,

Heather said...

Kaitlyn and Megan told me you guys were clowns. You guys looked great! Thanks for taking the girls home.

Rob and Deanna said...

Just GargEOUS!!! ;-}

Rob and Deanna said...

I just looked at the pictures on Janella's blog, and wanted to say that I am very PROUD of you all for participating & not being Party Poopers. It makes it so much fun when everyone gets in the spirit of things rather than just 1 or 2.
Michele, I need to ask you a ? regarding a Christmas gift, could you e-mail me, because I don't think the e-mail address I have for you is correct.
Thanks :-)

The Holdens said...

You guys are great!! It made me laugh and I needed a laugh today!