Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let Me Introduce You

Ben and Jerry, meet the Bloggers, Bloggers meet Ben and Jerry! Yes I named the new washer and dryer. After 4 months of waiting, disappointment and anticipation they have finally arrived. I figured they deserved a name and just like Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia, these 2 bring me great joy! Yes, Nate is watching the laundry being laundered. At one point after the installation the whole family was on the floor watching the laundry being laundered! It doesn't take much to entertain us! I am just thrilled with this pair and hope we have many wonderful years together!

I am also thrilled with the homemade laundry soap experiment. It works amazingly well and Heather has written a great review on it here! I have now laundered whites, darks, towels, hubby's stinky work clothes etc. The clothes are clean and the soap is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP! $2 for a 10 gallon batch. If you are using a top loader it is $.01 per load and a front loader $.003 per load!!!! Here are just a few things I noticed. If you equate scent with clean you will not like this soap. There is a very faint, almost no soap smell when the clothes come out of the washer. Fabric softener may help with this. If you equate suds with clean you won't like this soap. It is very low sudsing which is just perfect for High Efficiency machines. All the ingredients can be found at Kroger and will cost approximately $10 to get you started. Give it a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! The liquid soap recipe I used can be found here. There are many other versions and tips on the Internet and I've listed a couple of them below.

~Nate's Mom

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Dixie said...

LOL! I remember Jeff and I sitting in the laundry room watching the laundry be laundered after we got our new front loaders. Ours never got named though.

Gayle said...

Glad they finally arrived! For that price it was worth the wait!
I can't wait to try you laundry detergent!

Heather said...

Ben and Jerry make me very jelous! Thanks again for the soap. I love it!

Ronda said...

Wow! Ben and Jerry are REALLY handsome! LOL! Happy for you!

Holdens said...

too funny!! they look really nice!!