Sunday, January 11, 2009

It Won't Rain Always

Right now all the cooking blog posts and "what I did this weekend" posts that I so often write on here seem to pale in comparison to the hurt a father and husband must be feeling after losing his entire family in one tragic accident. I did not know the Biggers but will be praying for this man and his extended family as I would want someone to pray for me in the weeks to come. I have heard this song sung by Janet Paschal so many times and felt God's hand of comfort. If you are struggling through a storm in your life maybe the words of this song will help you remember that God is there no matter what. Whatever the hurt or disappointment He is there to see us through and the sun WILL shine, not in our time, but in His.

~Nate's Mom


SS Kidz said...

how neat... i've mentioned this song several times in the past few weeks, with Greg loosing his job and all. it's true... it WON'T rain always!!!
(it doesn't hurt that JP is my favorite female southern gospel vocalist, either! LOL)

Holdens said...

Thanks for this post. It was a help to me today!