Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Over the next few days I will try to find little bits of encouragement to help you along your way. The first one comes from Dick Morris:

While the Democrats and Barack Obama won big yesterday, even coming close to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, Obama will find their options substantially constrained by reality.

Their handicap is the financial condition of the nation they'll inherit. Think of a trustee or conservator of a bankrupt company.

Those who fear a radical Obama miss the point of the lack of maneuverability of the next president. Behind the mortgage crisis looms the credit-card crisis, the student-loan crisis and the car-loan crisis. Sweating this mess out of the system will take two years of zero growth or contraction.

Power has been bad for the GOP, sapping the party's soul and eroding its purity. But opposition, especially when a socialist like Obama wrestles with the practical problems of capitalism, will be a heady experience for the Republicans. The conservative movement can be reborn in opposition in a way they never could have been as the governing party.

For political historians, it's worth noting that Obama hasn't scored the knockout that many predicted. As I write, it seems clear that John McCain will lose by a few points in the popular vote, not by the double digits so confidently predicted in the media polls. The fact is that most of the undecided voters went to the Republicans.

In the face of a mandate limited by reality and undermined by his inability to sweep the nation as had been predicted, Obama will face a difficult situation. As the economy falters, he'll find himself unable to raise taxes as he wants and stymied in his plans for government takeover.

A very tough future, for a man who won such a heady victory.


Gayle said...

I will keep checking back for your encouraging articles.

Gayle said...

I will keep checking back for your encouraging articles.

Rob and Deanna said...

Thanks, Michele! I can't begin to say President Barack Hussein Obama. GAG!!! (SOrry, but that doesn't sound USA kosher at all) So....Steff Ryan had a good idea~~ President Barry. :-)

Ronda said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Michelle! Very encouraging!