Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

What a busy weekend we've had! Friday night started off with a bang at the Holden's for a fish fry! Pictures can be found at Melodie's Blog. Cameron and Logan came home with Nate and we enjoyed having them with us if even for a short time! Saturday was spent cleaning the church for me and working on our new building for Randy and Nate. Pictures of the progress can be found here. Sunday was Friend Day at our church. We wanted to double last years average attendance with 236 and we passed our goal with 252! It was a beautiful service! Randy invited his friend from work and we enjoyed having them for dinner. Here is a little video clip of Cameron and Nate jamming on their guitars! If you turn the sound up and listen very closely you can hear Logan singing along, he was trying to make up words to go with the song. We may have the makings of a great band on our hands Melodie! ;o)
~Nate's Mom


~Heather~ said...

This was pretty, they did a great job. Glad that the Sankeys could visit their friends around there again. How neat that your friend day was such a huge success. =)

sankey family said...

Just found this video today on your blog...not sure how I missed it. This is so cute - love it! My boys sure had fun with Nate. Cameron wrote an essay today in homeschool about one of his friends and him - he chose Nate and wrote several paragraphs about their friendship.