Friday, September 19, 2008

Hello and Goodbye

What a week, after 4 days without power we are finally out of the dark! With the help of the Lord, great neighbors, friends and generators we survived the Great Blackout of 2008! I can now say that in one year I have driven through a blizzard and a hurricane and I really didn't like either experience! The following pictures, in no particular order, will show what we've been up to lately. A short trip to Pennsylvania for my grandfather's 70th birthday and the wind damage. Now I will say goodbye for we are off to a cabin in the mountains of Tennessee for one week! YIPEE!!!
~Nate's Mom

Nate and my nephew Isaac

My Aunt Cindy, Grammy Dawn, Aunt Diane, Mom and cousin Becky

My cousin Brittany who is studying to be a French teacher, she was the flower girl in my wedding!

My Aunt Diane and Uncle Brian, thanks for being gracious hosts!

Beautiful brick sign destroyed by the wind

This headlamp worked great for reading without power, Nate fell asleep and we couldn't resist a blog moment!

Randy replaced a few shingles on Pastor Hooker's house.

If you look closely you will see the roots of the tree brought the little truck right up with them!

People waiting in long lines for $.99 gas, that was the rumor anyway, I didn't want to wait in those lines!

What used to be Meijer's Garden Center

Nate riding the UTV at my granparent's house.

One of many loads of limbs

Power lines were down everywhere

A 34 year old tree came down in Grandma Hatfield's yard.

Our church lost 25% of it's shingles.

My neice Abby and my Aunt's dog Sis

My cousin Cody is studying to be an architectual engineer at Penn State University

My cousin Christopher and his fiance Becky, they are getting married next year. I'm feeling really old because he and his brother Cody were the Bible Bearers in my wedding 17 years ago!
Christopher is a special ed elementary teacher and Becky is almost done with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

My Grandpa and his brother and 5 sisters

My mom's side of the family

My niece Ella spent part of the trip to PA in the truck with us.

The beautiful mountains ofPennsylvania

Randy and my nephew Isaac

My Mom and Dad and the Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA


Ronda said...

We felt the amazing winds of the hurricane, too! Glad you all are safe!
Enjoyed that previous video clip...awesome!
Have fun on your get-a-way!!!!!!! :)

Your Penn Palz: said...

OMW!!! what a time ya'll have had... so glad ya'll were safe but so very sorry you were w/o electricity for that long! don't now if i could've made it through THAT or not! LOL
loved seeing the pix... especially the ones of 'the other side' of your family! great pic of your mom and dad, BTW!
have a BLAST in TN. after the week you've had, you sure deserve it!!! (remember to take a ton of pix while you're down there!)

Gayle said...

Great pictures! So glad you got your power on. What a week ! But we had a great time in PA! Have a fun and relaxing time on your vacation we will take good care of Zoe:)

Patty said...

Glad you survived Ike. We were only out of electricity for about 27 hours, but I was sure glad to have it back!

Holdens said...

Wow what a week. We were lucky we were only without electricity for about 8-10 hours..maybe we can thank Garden Manor for that. I know they try to get nursing homes, hospitals etc back on first. Have a great vacation!

Rob and Deanna said...

WOw! What a crazy storm! Miranda & Philip Cox are headed to TN this week too. :-) She was out of power most of last week, I told her she should have just bumped her trip to TN back a week. ;-)

~Heather~ said...

WOW! That is sad for all y'all faced with that storm. Enjoyed all of the pics.