Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home & Sermon Notes

Church Camp was this past week. The services were marked by God's presence and the messages spoke to my heart. Bro. Stetler and Bro. Pierpoint brought God's word close and searching. Marc and Melodie Sankey's anointed song ministry was a blessing. "Hold on a Little Longer" and "Too Much to Gain to Lose" were my favorites. Here are some random thoughts from my sermon notes:

- When we shift our focus away from God and his word & desires our love grows cold. Where am I in comparison to God? Not what others are doing or saying, but what is God Saying?

-I need to be a careful living person by pleasing him more than pleasing others. Does my life, my actions and reactions put a smile on God's face?

- Prayer, spiritual focus, unity and the Holy Spirit must be the focus of our churches.

-God is running my life and this world. He, not man, opens and shuts the doors. He is in control and always has my best interest at heart.

- Christ died so I can live a holy life. Holiness and holy living are not optional with God.

-To be filled with the spirit means God must have total control of every area of my life. Self must be dethroned and I must have a total YES in my heart. He is my source of power and I need to check my connection. Is my life being controlled by the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit has not lost His power and He will help me to live a guarded life. I need to let the Holy Spirit guide my tongue! God's will should be my highest ambition.

-I've got to stay filled! God may say no to perfectly legitimate things because He sees outside my life and knows what's best for me in order to make me in His likeness! The Spirit understands our weaknesses & will help us with them. He knows the areas of my life where there is a need.

-I'm a child of THE KING!

-I need to always compare myself to God and not a flawed standard.

-Take a good hard look, consider the consequences and do what's right.

I love this week at camp but it is oh so good to be home! Back to my bed, my shower and my very own toilet! ;o)

~Nate's Mom


Katie and the boys said...

Welcome home!!! The boys and I tried coming up a couple of times and plans feel through at the last minute. I actually had the car packed. Disappointing to unpack a car when you didn't go!!

Glad God met!!!

The Millard Family said...

This is an adorable blog. I will check in often. Thanks for the sermon notes.

The Going Blog said...

You get the prize for blogging about camp first!! Thanks for sharing those sermon notes. I don't want to forget what we learned this week. It was good to be among like minded, warm and friendly people. There wasn't enough time to get around to everybody :-( Glad you are back home safe. Camp gives us a new appreciation for our homes. smile

Ronda said...

Great recap of church camp and the sermons! We enjoyed being there so very much! We have great memories though we can't share in the camp bathroom memories(much to our dismay! ha!) It was nice to see you all!!

Becky said...

Your house is very pretty! It was so nice to see you at camp! I know what you mean about getting home to your own bathroom though! The strawberries look yummy - we have 21 quarts of jam in the freezer:).