Monday, April 7, 2008

Hello Again

Sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately. Life is happening and the blog takes a back seat. I hope I haven't lost too many readers.

It is 70 degrees here today and the grass seed and fertilizer is bought, the slice seeder is rented and the lawn in getting a makeover this afternoon! I love this weather, it rejuvenates my spirit. The gloomies are gone, the cleaning supplies are out and the windows are being shined. God came and visited our church in a special way last night and like the sunshine rejuvenates me so does God's spirit fill me!

I would like to share a little story that happened here on Saturday. If you heard my testimony at church last night you'll have to forgive me but I'm a proud mama! Nate had been playing with his friend Saturday evening. It was time to come in for the night and when he walked in the door the following conversation took place:

Nate: Well, 1 down 2 to go?
Mom: What do you mean?
Nate: My friend got saved!
Mom: He did! How did that happen?
Nate: We were listening to some Christian music in my room and my friend said he liked the music, I asked him if he believed in God and he said he did but that he didn't go to church.
Mom: Then what happened?
Nate: I asked him if he ever asked Jesus into his heart and he said, "No but I want to!"
Nate: I told him all he had to do was say, "God I believe in you, please forgive me for my sins and come live in my heart." And he did

I was so proud and convicted all at once. God told us to become as little children. It is really that simple! Ask for forgiveness and believe. God help me to not be ashamed to tell others about you!

~Nate's Mom


Tamra said...

I was glad you shared that with us last night. Way to go, Nate!

Gayle said...

Nate we are so proud of you! Pappy told your story in church last evening. We will keep praying for #2!

Ronda said...

That news is wonderful and yes, convicting! I am proud of Nate and I know that God is so happy with him! Neat post!

Penn Pal with Us... said...

WOW, nate!!! that's so cool! i'm pretty sure that you'll be able to say '2 down' very soon! we're proud of you and Jesus needs more boys and girls just like you!
well chel, just wanted to stop by and say 'hey', to you as well!

sankey family said...

That is awesome, Nate. You lead the way!
We love and miss you.
Melodie and family

Lavy Country said...

That is great, Nate. We will be praying for your other friends.