Monday, February 25, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I've gotten some great advice and recipes from Tammy over at Tammy's Recipes. She hosts Kitchen Tip Tuesday every week and this in my first time joing in the fun. My brand new subscription of Cuisine at Home magazine came today. It has been long anticipated. My husband didn't understand my excitement and was quite flabbergasted when I was dancing around the kitchen singing, "It came, it came, my Cuisine at Home finally came, now will you pay the bill so it will keep coming!" I'm not kidding! I really was dancing and I'm sure it was a sight to behold! This magazine is my Kitchen Tip for Tuesday. It is chock full of tips, recipes, and step by step instructions for the simpletons like me. Here is just a sampling from the April issue:

Honey-lemon grilled chicken

Bring back cube steak!

Mixing Bowls and Spatulas

Sky High Pie

Pick yourself up a copy at the local bookstore or order it online at Cuisine at Home. Maybe if I mention it enough they will pay me an advertising fee for the millions of readers who are bound to visit my blog! :o)

~Nate's Mom


Gayle said...

Glad you got your magazine! I love that magazine it has the greatest tips and pictures! I can imagine the seen of you dancing in the kitchen:) I hope you are stocked up on your milk and bread! BIG STORM COMING! HA! HA! HA!

Tamra said...

Can you believe I ordered a subscription? Thanks to your email! Surprise, surprise!! :) Hope it doesn't let me down. Sounds like you are pretty happy with it already!

Betty said...

To my SuperChef daughter in law whose cooking needs to rub off on her favorite mother-in -law. It all looks so good, and we have had a few samples of her work!!
She is the best, so take notice and listen to her words of kitchen advice!! :)

Ronda said...

Thanks for sharing "Tammy's" website! I am really going to enjoy it, I know! What yummy recipes! Might have to try the magazine, too! I have so many recipe books and currently get TOH...Sounds like a good one, though!