Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hello Again!

This has been a "buzy" summer for Nate. He has been to church camp, to KY fishing with his grandpa, fishing with his uncle, to a church campout with his grandparents, spending the night with friends and cousins and last night we got to go to the Western and Southern Women's Tennis Tournament. His grandma works for a man that gets box seats every year and he wasn't using his tickets last night so he gave all 6 of them to us! We had some of the best seats in the house, great parking passes and we were able to take our good friends Shane, Tamra, Bryson and Jillian. Enjoy the pictures and hopefully Nate will be back posting soon.
~Nate's Mom (aka Michele)

Tennis Tournament 71707


Gayle said...

You got some great pictures!
Glad you could use the tickets!

Tamra said...

Thanks for inviting us. It was fun! After the rain left, we couldn't have had better weather.