Monday, April 9, 2007

Standardized Testing!!!!

I have Standardized Testing this week. Every morning from 9:15 until 11:45 I will be testing. It wasn't bad today. Vocabulary and reading, which are some of my best subjects. If you think about it this week, say a prayer for me. I especially need God's help with math which I don't like too much. I'm still trying to figure out a job that I can do that doesn't require any math skills. Haven't come up with one yet!


Gayle said...

Well, you have to have math especially when you want to count all your money. Especially to count up the interest!

Grammy said...

Hey Handsome,
I got my password fixed so I can leave my comments. hang in there with testing, and get the math down so you can count your money!! love ya Grammy J