Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm sick!

I have been sick since yesterday! I hope I'm better soon.


cmeisenhart said...

Nate neat blog! I hope you are feeling better!

I love you very much!

Nate said...

Thanks Pappy! Love you too!

Gayle said...

Neat Blog Nate!
Sorry you are sick I will pray for you.
Love, Grammy E

Nate said...

Thank you very much

cmeisenhart said...

I got your blog in my favorite places now!
Love Pappy

Nate said...


kimberlyfourman said...

Hi, Natesker! I'm sorry you are sick - - - - I've had that junk for 3 weeks!! I finally feel better today!! I hope it won't take you that long!!! Just take it easy and relax!!!! This is one time you can just lay around all you want!! smiles!

I like your blog - - - I'll put it in my favorites and we'll keep up with you, okay!!!

Aunt Kim

cmeisenhart said...

Nate we got about 3 inches of Snow and now it is frezing rain. Hope you have a great day today. I'm Praying you are feeling better.
Love Pappy