Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heelys are on the way!!!!!!!!

My parents finally let me order a pair of Heelys with my Christmas money. Heelys are shoes with a skate wheel on the back. You may have seen kids zipping through the mall with them on. We once saw a kid wipe out on them so I will have to practice! I ordered them from They have free overnight shipping and FedEx tracker says they will be here today! I will post a picture of me wearing them when they get here. Until then here is one from


Gayle said...

Would it be ok if grammy's wore these shoes?
Love, Grammy E

janie said...

The heelys look like so much fun!! Your blog looks great. I love your "creations". Happy valentines day! Your pancakes looked yummy!!
Aunt Janie

alex said...

Love your blog nate and i like the heelys. sul